Getting Started


The ArkProject React SDK provides React components and hooks to interact with arkchain seamlessly in your React or Next.js applications.


To get started, install the @ark-project/react package:

pnpm add @ark-project/react

Creating the Starknet Provider

Before using the ArkProvider, you need to create a Starknet provider. For detailed instructions on setting this up, refer to the Starknet React documentation: Create Starknet Provider.

React/Next.js Application Setup with Starknet Provider

Integrate the ArkProvider and StarknetProvider into your application like so:

import { StarknetProvider } from '@/components/starknet-provider' // Ensure you have a StarknetProvider component
import { networks } from '@ark-project/core'
import { ArkProvider } from '@ark-project/react'

export default function Layout({ children }) {
  const config = {
    starknetNetwork: networks.mainnet,
    arkchainNetwork: networks.mainnet,

  return (
      <ArkProvider config={config}>
        {/* Rest of your application components */}

Next Steps

Now that your ArkProvider is set up, you can use the various hooks and components provided by the SDK to build your application.