Welcome to the Ark NFT API, a robust platform designed to empower developers with tools to interact with the NFT ecosystem.

Our API provides a suite of endpoints tailored to cater to various needs, from fetching token details to tracking events. Below is a brief overview of our primary endpoints:

Endpoints Overview

NFT Contracts

  • List All NFT Contracts: /v1/contracts
  • Retrieve a Specific NFT Contract: /v1/contracts/{contract_address}

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  • Retrieve NFTs: /v1/tokens/{contract_address}
  • Retrieve NFT: /v1/tokens/{contract_address}/{token_id}
  • Batch Retrieve NFTs: /v1/tokens/batch

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  • Retrieve Contract Events: /v1/events/{contract_address}
  • Retrieve Events for a Specific Token: /v1/events/{contract_address}/{token_id}

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NFT Portfolio

  • Retrieve Collections Owned by an Account: /v1/owners/{account_address}/contracts
  • Retrieve All NFTs Owned by an Account: /v1/owners/{account_address}/tokens
  • Retrieve All Collections & NFTs Owned by an Account: /v1/owners/{account_address}/all

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Getting Started

To start using the Ark NFT API, you'll need an API Key. Register here to obtain your key. Once you have the key, include it in the request headers as:

curl -G \
  -H "x-api-key: <INSERT_API_KEY_HERE>"


To access Starknet data on other networks, please change the base URL to the following: